Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] Kandy Diseños

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The amazing creator of the week is Alejandra of Kandy Diseños -- a shop specializing in jewelry and handmade accessories.

Kandy Diseños started a year ago, "I started designing and helping my sister with her craft shop and I loved so much the handmade work! So I decided create my own: Kandy Diseños (Diseños = design) Every day I learn new things that I would love to incorporate to my shop."

Alejandra's biggest challenge is organization, "my biggest challenge has been to learn day by day how to do and organize work in an online shop. Also learn new techniques to use them in my designs."

Her favorite accomplishments are feedback, "All comments I have received from customers have made me very happy because all have been positive about my work. Once a lovely lady told me: you know how to bring dreams to reality. I think that was the most special [one] I've had."

What do you use for inspiration? "Nature is the inspiration for everything!"

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "I like all audiovisual because it is what I studied. I like photography, graphic design, post production and creative editing. I love to do yoga in my free time. It helps me to connect with the magic of life."

A tip for other sellers: "It´s really important to have patience and really believe in you and your dream, even in times when nothing seems to go nowhere (it is going, but sometimes it´s not visible yet!) Work hard, care enough the image of your brand and try to find a style that is your strength and hallmark."

A great way to promote: "At first I only made Etsy promotion in groups, but one day I read an article that said it was more important to "socialize" outside Etsy. Participate in other networks such as facebook, twitter, blogs and forums for me has been more effective than any other promotion. It is also a way to show your philosophy and that will make people close to you and your brand.

Kandy Diseños loves to pin, "I love pinterest to see new trends. I also like “design seeds” page for color inspiration that can be used for my designs."

Most popular or favorite item sold:

Keep an eye out for new products, "Right now I am working on one of my hallmarks: designs with bottles containing tiny treasures and woodland creatures. I´m also designing and drawing every day new proposals of accessories for unique designs with lots of color and inspired by nature."

One last note: "I try to create colorful and different jewelry. When I start a design I have in mind that I´m making it for someone special. I design every piece with care and love and I try to transmit that love in every Kandy Creation :)"

As for giveaways, Alejandra enters around one to two a month and she has won one prize, "I've only been lucky enough to win once! and it was a handmade bow for hair."

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Christina said...

Christina - xristya@rock.com - What interesting work! A fine artist!

Kandy Disenos // Alejandra Ü said...

I´m really honored!! thanks!

Alejandra said...

I really need to say that Alejandra´s designs are amazing... they are a kind of unexpected magic, involved with creativity and love.

Keep working¡

Greenhouse Glassworks said...

I love reading about what inspires other artists. Great work Alejandra! Thanks for featuring my stained glass candle holder at the end :)

IsabellesAttic said...

kandy nice to meet you, great work!

Ana said...

Gorgeous shop and wonderful way to meet the Artist behind the work.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Gorgeous feature!

Lori Bergmann said...

What a wonderful artist—loved getting to know you better! *Ü*

CalliopeCreations said...

Lovely work from your featured artist.

I always get lost on this site. So much going on and I'm never sure I have the current blog. I need a seeing eye dog or something. LOL

Petite Hermine said...

Great interview. I can see why the terrarium necklace is the most popular-- it's sooo cute!

Tina Puro-Douglas said...

Great post and very informative! I do LOVE the terrarium necklace, too! I really want one of those! :)

vintagebyrachel said...

Lovely work !! I love the air balloon necklace. so cute :)

BillGuestPhoto said...

lovely work!! always nice to see others skils!

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